Software Applications for Microsoft Dynamics SL
Human Resources Suite
Human Resources - A comprehensive Human Resources Information System (HRIS) application for Dynamics SL
HR External Systems Interface Kit - Utilize pre-configured interface for ADP PC/Payroll or ADP Pay eXpert or create a custom interface for other payroll systems
Applicant Self-Service - Add web-based job posting and recruitment processing to your Human Resources system
Employee Self-Service - Provide your employees with web-based Payroll and HR information including pay stubs and W2s
Silver Brook Payroll Extensions - Enhance Dynamics SL Payroll with additional features including Arrearages for Unpaid Employees and Employee Receivables
Accounts Payable IntelliView - Quick access to the most needed AP information
Accounts Receivable IntelliView - Advanced query tool for AR
Functional Enhancements
Privacy Manager - Protect databases and information with this tool for controlling employee access
QuickComma - Adds commas to numeric fields
QuickAttach - Allows files and documents to be attached to Dynamics SL records